Unreal Authorized Training Center (UATC)
Unreal Authorized Training Center (UATC) is a network of educational institutions and training centers authorized by Epic Games to provide official Unreal Engine training and certification programs. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, UATCs offer courses, workshops, and certifications covering Unreal Engine fundamentals, advanced techniques, and specialized topics such as game development, virtual production, architectural visualization, and interactive media. Training at UATCs equips developers, artists, and educators with essential skills and knowledge to create high-quality real-time 3D content, optimize workflows, and maximize the capabilities of Unreal Engine for diverse applications. Certification from UATCs validates proficiency in Unreal Engine development, enhancing career opportunities and industry recognition in the field of interactive entertainment and digital experiences.
Unreal Authorized Instructor (UAI)
Unreal Authorized Instructor (UAI) is an individual certified by Epic Games to deliver official Unreal Engine training and educational programs at Unreal Authorized Training Centers (UATCs). In platforms like Arcane Mirage, UAIs are experienced professionals with expertise in Unreal Engine development, real-time 3D rendering, and interactive content creation. UAIs conduct instructor-led courses, workshops, and hands-on training sessions to help students, developers, and professionals master Unreal Engine tools, techniques, and best practices. By learning from Unreal Authorized Instructors, participants gain practical skills, industry insights, and official certifications that validate proficiency and readiness to build immersive experiences, games, simulations, and virtual environments using Unreal Engine.
Unreal Academy
Unreal Academy is an educational platform and resource hub provided by Epic Games, offering online courses, tutorials, and learning materials for Unreal Engine developers, artists, and creators. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, Unreal Academy provides access to video lectures, live webinars, and interactive training sessions covering a wide range of topics, from basic concepts to advanced techniques in real-time 3D rendering, game development, architectural visualization, and virtual production. Participants can learn from industry experts, access hands-on exercises, and earn certifications to enhance their skills and proficiency in Unreal Engine. Unreal Academy supports continuous learning, professional development, and community engagement within the Unreal Engine ecosystem, empowering creators to innovate and excel in digital content creation and interactive storytelling.
Unreal Engine Marketplace
The Unreal Engine Marketplace is an online store provided by Epic Games where developers can discover, purchase, and download assets, plugins, tools, and content packs for use in Unreal Engine projects. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, the Marketplace offers a wide range of resources including 3D models, textures, animations, audio clips, and blueprints, created by both Epic Games and third-party developers. Developers can leverage Marketplace assets to accelerate development, enhance visual quality, and add functionalities to their Unreal Engine applications. The Marketplace supports a collaborative ecosystem, enabling creators to share and monetize their creations, while providing developers with access to high-quality content for game development, virtualproduction, architectural visualization, and interactive media projects.
UnrealFest is an annual conference and community eventorganized by Epic Games, showcasing innovations, best practices, and advancements in Unreal Engine development, virtual production, and interactive media. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, UnrealFest brings together developers, artists, educators, and industry professionals to participate in workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities focused on Unreal Engine's capabilities, tools, and ecosystem. Participants can attend sessions covering topics such as real-time 3D rendering, game design, architectural visualization, and virtual reality (VR) applications. UnrealFest provides a platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration, enabling attendees to gain insights, share experiences, and explore the future of interactive storytelling, digital content creation, and immersive technology using Unreal Engine.