EOS Online Subsystem (OSS)
EOS Online Subsystem (OSS) is a set oftools and APIs provided by Epic Online Services (EOS) for integrating online multiplayer functionality into Unreal Engine games and applications. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, EOS OSS facilitates features such as matchmaking, player authentication, leaderboards, and cloud storage. By leveraging EOS OSS, developers can implement scalable multiplayer experiences, manage player sessions, and synchronize game state across devices and platforms. Integration with EOS OSS enhances the multiplayer capabilities of Unreal Engine applications, supporting cross-platform play, social interactions, and community engagement in online gaming and virtual environments.
Epic Games
Epic Games is the developer and publisher of Unreal Engine, a leading game development platform renowned for its advanced graphics, real-time 3D rendering, and scalability. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, Epic Games provides tools, resources, and support for developers creating interactive experiences, virtual environments, and simulations usingUnreal Engine. Epic Games also operates the Unreal Marketplace, where developers can access assets, plugins, and content packs to accelerate development and enhance the functionality of Unreal Engine projects. By partnering with Epic Games and leveraging Unreal Engine's ecosystem, developers can innovate, collaborate, and deploy cutting-edge applications across gaming, entertainment, architecture, automotive, and virtual production industries.
Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store is a digital distribution platform and storefront operated by Epic Games, offering games, software, and digitalcontent for purchase and download. In platforms like Arcane Mirage, Epic Games Store provides developers with a distribution channel to publish, market, and sell Unreal Engine games, applications, and virtual products to aglobal audience. Developers can showcase their creations, reach millions of players, and monetize digital content through the store's storefront, promotional tools, and revenue-sharing models. Epic Games Store supports Unreal Engine developers with access to resources, analytics, and community engagement opportunities to maximize visibility, sales, and success in the competitive digital marketplace.